COVID-19 Status Update


May 17, 2022


Residents, families and friends:

This is to notify you of the overall status of our facility as it relates to COVID-19. If your loved one was exposed to a positive staff member or resident, they have been response tested. Should your loved one start to exhibit COVID-like symptoms, they will be monitored by the nurse and tested if needed. Should your loved one test positive for COVID-19, you will be notified immediately along with the attending physician and the resident will be transferred to the red zone. When a resident tests positive for COVID-19, they are to remain in the red zone for 10 days from the date of their positive test. At this point, we have 25 residents in the red zone who are doing well with mild to no symptoms and 19 positive staff members, the majority of whom are asymptomatic and have returned to work in the red zone.

We have currently suspended all communal dining and activities. The state mandates that we continue allowing visitation for all residents, regardless of if they’re in the green, yellow or red zone. All visitors must check in at the front desk to review the COVID-19 attestation questionnaire and, depending on the zone, be equipped with the proper PPE.

We are appreciative of your continued thoughts, prayer and support. We want to assure you that the current situation is much different than in years past: we have infection control best practices as it relates specifically to the virus, 90%+ of our staff and residents have been fully vaccinated, PPE and other necessary equipment is readily available etc. We will continue to notify you as updates become available.



The Camarillo Healthcare Center Leadership Team