COVID-19 Family Communication


February 4, 2021
RE: COVID outbreak update


We are making headway with all of the challenges surrounding our outbreak! Thank you all for your support and understanding, especially all of the needed room changes! Really, we could not have the success without it. Your loved ones have been wonderful despite the difficulties. I have not seen so many genuine smiles (even under the masks) in my nearly three years working here!

So far, we are headed in the anticipated direction, having converted most all residents into the “GREEN” zone. This means that they are now considered “COVID-recovered” and are no longer under the same quarantined restrictions as before. They are out and about in the halls and the patios as before, enjoying the sunshine and each other’s company again. Therapies are delivered outside their rooms finally and they are loving it! That said, we still have an active “RED” zone with COVID+ patients, but will soon be recovered as well. We continue to be in daily contact with our local and state health departments to follow and maintain the most current guidance offered. The staff are tackling the challenges and have accepted the “new norm” as this pandemic continues.

Vaccinations have gone well as expected. CVS pharmacy was great in making sure that all went as planned for both rounds. Those (residents and staff) who were unable to receive their booster shot will be picked up on the “make-up” day scheduled on February 16th. All are welcome to email me directly with questions you may have, or to call the facility directly. Again, thank you for your love and your support!

Thank you,

Brad Willits