COVID-19 Outbreak Update


January 15, 2021
RE: COVID-19 Outbreak Update


This weeks’ testing results impacted the facility more than it has in the past. Our “RED” or COVID unit has needed to expand to encompass all of station 3 to accommodate the newly COVID + residents. Each of those resident families were contacted as their results came in. Besides many room changes, the only difference to the unit from last week is its size. Still there are dedicated staff, breakroom, nursing station, computers, etc for that unit. There is no cross-over from the RED unit to the rest of the building.

We are focused on patient care, monitoring vital signs, and minimizing future exposure. Our use of protective equipment has not changed. For those of you with additional questions or concerns, please let me know. Use my email listed below so that I can keep track of your questions and have them all answered appropriately. Again, thank you for having our backs during this stressful time.

Thank you,

Brad Willits