COVID-19 Outbreak Update


January 7, 2021
RE: COVID-19 Outbreak Update

To our loved families and friends,

With 2020 in the rear-view we were excited to have made it almost the entire year without a COVID outbreak; a statistic entirely unmatched in Ventura County! As you know, we have been battling the last 4 weeks with several of our staff who have tested positive. After four rounds of testing all staff and your loved ones, we were successful with having no sign of facility-based transmission.

This weeks’ testing has gone the other direction, unfortunately. There are now several residents who have tested positive while no new cases amongst the staff. Those residents/families affected have been contacted already by our nursing staff to update and to educate. Since there are no empty COVID positive beds available in the county we are required to house the positive patients here at the facility. Our process to manage this has been worked on for months with the county health department and with CDPH Licensing. There are plastic partitions from floor to ceiling separating the “RED” or positive unit from the rest of the building. This separate wing is with dedicated staff who will not be crossing over into the unaffected areas of the building during their shifts. Those staff members have their own entrance, bathroom, break room, and nursing station. All personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided to care for everyone regardless of their placement in the facility and is being utilized in accordance with CDC standards. This will reduce facility-based transmission.

We continue to take our role as your loved-ones caretakers and protectors very seriously and we appreciate the awesome support you have shown us! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly via email so that I may answer any questions you have. We appreciate you!

Thank you,
Brad Willits