Preserving Our Resident’s Right to Vote


October 21, 2020


To Our Valued Residents and Family Members:


As a preliminary matter, we want to express our continued gratitude for your ongoing support as we navigate through the COVID-19 environment. We do not take this support for granted, and are so thankful for you during this most unusual year.

Today, however, we write to you about the upcoming election and the Facility’s commitment to honoring, promoting and preserving a resident’s right to vote. We understand that citizens of this Country have this important right, and that the Federal Regulations applicable to skilled nursing facilities likewise ensure that this right is protected while prospective voters are residents in this Facility. [See, for example, 42 CFR Sections 483.10(b)(1)-(2)]. We support the rights of our residents to exercise these rights without interference, discrimination or reprisal, and are taking action to ensure that those residents who wish to vote will be able to do so (whether in person or by mail).

Specifically, we have made the following arrangements related to assisting our resident community in casting their vote(s) relative to this 2020 Election:

  • Anyone who has received their mail-in ballot will be assisted as needed to fill out and send in prior to the deadline.
  • Those who are physically able, and with an “out on pass” order from the physician, may vote in person. We will assist in coordinating transportation with family, and in some cases, to have a staff member accompany to the local precinct.
  • Resident council has addressed the subject of voting and no concerns were brought up. This is explained in resident Care Plan meetings as well.
  • Activities Department and other personnel are assisting and coordinating with residents and/or the families to obtain ballots previously sent to another location to be forwarded here. (All those reading this who fit this situation we ask that you please bring or send it to us as soon as possible.)

Please note that, in light of the COVID-19 situation, voting by mail can minimize the potential exposure associated with our residents being out in the community or members of the community being present in the Facility. While this virus remains a threat, we are committed to taking action consistent with the safety and health of our residents and staff – voting by mail is most compatible with our infection prevention and control initiatives. If our family members have received a mail-in ballot at home for the resident or have access to the resident’s mail and can make that ballot available, we would ask you to do so at your earliest convenience. Otherwise, we will secure mail-in ballots from election officials in the area for those preferring to vote in this manner. For those residents who wish to vote in person, we will follow the procedure outlined above and do our best to make that happen.

Just by way of reminder, Election Day is NOVEMBER 3, 2020. Of course, we welcome any questions you might have, and we look forward to assisting our residents in making their voices heard by exercising their right to vote!


Thank you,

Brad Willits