Updated Visitation Information



September 1, 2020


Dear Residents, Family and Friends:


Thank you all for being so understanding and supportive throughout this COVID environment – we appreciate you! In light of the visitation guidelines given by Ventura County Health Department, we wanted to provide you all with a way to visit your loved one in person. Together as a team, and in conjunction with the county guidance, we have created an outline that enables us to have an in person visit outside the facility. We are very excited for this!! Our first scheduled date will be on Monday, Sept 14th!

These outside visits will be scheduled in fifteen minute increments between 2:00-4:00pm, M-F. All of the scheduling will take place via the Activities Department, so all you need to schedule is call us at 805-482-9805 ext 127. These visits will take the place of the previous lobby “window visits” you have been doing. The procedures will be simple and the rules will be posted as a reminder as you come to visit:

  • At least 6 foot distancing; barriers between the residents and their guest
  • Face masks required
  • No crossing set up barriers
  • Visitor screening log to be filled out, with temperature taken (those who do not pass the screening will be asked to remain away from facility property)
  • 2 visitors per resident at a time (space limited)
  • One scheduled slot per day (as available; schedule will be done weekly)
  • No drop-offs during visitation (food, laundry, flowers, etc)
  • If you are running late, once the time slot is over, your time will need to be rescheduled.

We will make every attempt to keep this schedule barring hot/cold/rainy weather, fire dangers, etc. If a visit needs to be cancelled you will be notified as soon as possible. Since this is our first time attempting this formally, we may need to make some small changes to our procedure as needed. We are open to feedback and we hope that this procedure doesn’t make anyone feel restricted. Rather, we are hoping that this will give you some in-person experience that has been missing for so many months. FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype visits will remain available as before. Please email or call me with any needed clarifications. Also please check our website for additional updates to this or other COVID-related information. Thank you all so much for your wonderful support!



Brad Willits, Administrator